Choosing The Right Shoe




All of our retail staff are trained fitting specialists, ensuring that you get the shoe that’s right for you. But to help you judge best fit yourself we suggest the following tips:


  • The best time to try on shoes is in the afternoon, as your feet may swell during the day
  • Allow 5–10mm between the end of your longest toe and the end of the shoe
  • There are tools to measure your foot size. But keep in mind that each shoe style and pattern fits differently – so in different styles you may wear different shoe sizes. Judge each shoe by how it fits you
  • Try shoes on both feet; many people have one foot larger than the other, and it's best to fit the larger one
  • Walk in the shoes to make sure they fit without putting pressure on the front of the foot
  • There should be room in the toe area to wiggle your toes
  • Feet spread with age, so over time your shoe size might increase again go by how the particular shoes fit and feel rather than what you expect your size to be
  • Ziera orthotic shoes have extra depth and a removable insert to accommodate your orthotics
  • But to be really good for your feet, shoes need more than just depth. That's why we offer plenty of options with adjustable fit, generous width, roomy toe area, padded toplines, rocker soles, strong steel shanks and the support you need.


Most Ziera styles come in sizes 4 – 13 including half sizes (in Euro sizing that's 35-45), and a variety of width fittings from Medium, to Extra extra wide fitting shoes.



A great shoe ensures your foot is well supported and doesn’t slip within the shoe while walking. Critical to achieving this is the contour of the shoe mould.


At the physical heart of our products lives the last (the mould we form footwear around). This leaves behind an invisible ‘beautiful’ impression, a unique contouring which cradles the foot for all day comfort. Where most shoe companies use a standard universal mould, we specially design our own unique lasts to create superior fit and comfort. We’ve been designing our own lasts for over 60 years.


Best fit and comfort are aided by using natural materials – such as leather that moulds to your feet – and designing with adjustable straps, elastic gores or lacing systems that add to a personalised fit. Selected styles also come with two sets of inlays for an even more individual fit. You can wear one, both, or neither - whatever feels right for you.


"I did finally end up going to Dunedin and the staff there were wonderful. They joined me up with your customer club, measured my feet and consequently sold me the shoes I was looking for (Bromleys). They were instant comfort and I was able to continue on with my shopping in brand new shoes and no blisters at the end of the day. Yahoo!! That's what I call customer service. I felt like part of a new family."

Elaine Hurley