House of Florian is the largest comfort shoe shop in Queensland. It all started when Robyn Murdoch, owner of House of Florian, noticed the gap in the market for comfort shoes. It began with a party plan business in 1991, where shoes were made to measure, business took off and in 1995, House of Florian's shop (formally Florian Shoes) opened in Townsville.

Over the years, House of Florian has grown and developed a strong customer base, all staff are trained to be able to discuss individual needs and foot health. We offer shoes for all types, narrow, broad, big or small we can fit your feet. No two feet are the same therefore our aim is to promote healthy feet and comfortable shoes.

Wearing the wrong size shoes can cause corns, blisters, calluses and can aggravate bunions. The most important factor in preventing foot pain and improving foot health is finding a comfortable shoe that fits properly. At House of Florian, we aim to make sure all customers leave with a well-fitting pair of shoes. The idea behind our online store is to make it easier for existing customers to order online and for new customers to try our products. Every brand of shoe we carry we have full belief that they will help your feet.

We often find that people who wear orthotics do not even need their orthotics when wearing our shoes because the insoles provide such a great support. However, if you do need to wear your own orthotics, our shoes come with a removable innersole that you can easily swap for your orthotic.