Orthotic Friendly Shoes


Orthotics are contoured inlays for shoes; designed to support, align, prevent or correct a foot problem, or simply to enhance comfort and function.


Orthotics can be over-the-counter products, such as contoured insoles; or they can be custom-made to meet your specific need.  Ziera boots, shoes, and sandals come with inlays that offer cushioning and are moulded to support the foot and ultimately your whole body. These provide adequate support for many people.  More commonly a new orthotic is specifically created to alleviate the foot problem. When the Ziera inlay is removed, there is room within the shoe for your custom orthotic.





Having an orthotic will help relieve and prevent:

  • Back or knee problems due to pronation or over- pronation of the feet
  • Tired/ aching feet
  • Heel and arch pain
  • Sports- related pain
  • Problems linked to diabetes
  • Problems associated with arthritis


View the Ziera range of orthotic friendly styled shoes.


Ziera is Australasia's most recommended footwear brand by podiatrists and other medical professionals as we have a wide range of orthotic shoes.


A major focus for Ziera is the wide range of orthotic friendly shoes with styles to suit any lifestyle. From womens casuals shoes to  dress shoes, walking shoes to corporate classics; Ziera orthotic-friendly shoes have extra depth and a removable inlay to accommodate your custom orthotic.


But to be really good for your feet, shoes need more than just depth. That's why we offer plenty of options with adjustable fit, generous width, roomy toe area, padded toplines, rocker soles, strong steel shanks and the support you need.



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"With my orthotics in place, the shoes feel so good on my feet, supporting them in a way I have never experienced before."

Neralee Clark, Auckland - NZ